Birley Community Primary School Information

The school admits children from 3 to 11 years with Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) provision for 104 part time children.

To admit children into Foundation Stage 1 please contact the school office for details. Families will be informed as and when their child has been allocated a place. There is no right of appeal in relation to Foundation 1 places.

For the rest of the school the admission number in any one year is 90 children. Admissions for these places should be submitted directly to the local authority. Where the number of applications is greater than this number of places the local authority will apply their admissions criteria.

For further information on admissions please follow the link below:

Sheffield Primary Admissions

Birley Childcare was inspected by Ofsted in February 2013 and judged to be good in all areas. Please follow the following link to view the report.

OfSTED Childcare Report

The school has Healthy School status and the silver ECO schools award.

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SEN Information 2016 BCP_SEN_Information_2016.pdf

BCP Sports Premium Report BCP_PE_and_Sports_Premium_Report _15-16.pdf

Primary Phase PE and Sport Report 16/17 BCP_PE_and_Sports_Premium_Report _16-17.pdf

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